Our Story

Over the last 5 years we have been lucky enough to work with some amazing fabric mills and garment makers. The majority of them are small owner-managed businesses like ours, and most of them we have worked with for many years. They are all focused on the low volume, high quality end of the clothing market and hence they have small factories with a highly skilled workforce. we visit them all regularly and know that they are pleasant places to work with decent pay and conditions. It's only by working closely with our suppliers and drawing on their knowledge and technical expertise that we are able to develop unique and beautiful fabrics and clothes. The best suppliers for a particular material tend to be those located where the material has a long history and is part of the culture. Tradition plays an important role in the development and production of beautiful clothing but so too does technology and our suppliers blend both the
traditional expertise with the latest technology to keep improving their products.

Developing our fabrics is a slow process. This part of the design process is one we particularly enjoy, combining technical expertise with creativity to produce something beautiful. I think it's well worth the effort because at the end of it we have a material that has so many dimensions to it. How it drapes, its texture, the way the colours blend, how it responds to washing and how it develops over time as the customer wears and washes it. Qualities that help to make Urwes clothes unique.

We make it easy for you to FIND WHAT YOU LOVE, trust it will fit, and come back for more, because quality and value are at the heart of all we do. And while we believe our styles, accessories, and collections are
one of a kind, we know that THEY ONLY SHINE BECAUSE OF YOU.

It may be that dress you can’t take your eyes off of. It could be the top that makes you finally feel ready for the street. Or it could be a pair of shoes that tops off your weekend look. No matter what it is or how it moves you, WE KNOW THAT IT MATTERS.

At Urwes, we believe apparel are empowering.


Welcome to urwes.com.

Urwes offers fast fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion teams;

Who we are 

The company was established in 2019, we are a young fast fashion company.we aim not only to capture the imagination but also the hearts of our customers. Inspired by the natural charm and appeal of the vast spectrum of fashionable clothing, our goal is simple: to share our love for the best fashion with each and every one of you.

We love you

we are dedicated to making our customers (you!) happy, which is why we have a knowledgeable in-house customer service team ready to offer any help you may need. We know that your dress is important to you, so we ensure that each dress is handled with care and arrives from our warehouse in style! 

Fashion is not simply style

We work hard to make Urwes.com a safe and fun shopping destination. It’s important to feel safe while shopping online.

The End

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